Risk Analyst-NYC

Risk Analyst-NYC

The Risk Management function works closely with our Revenue, Product, and Finance teams to ensure that our business and risk are optimized to meet our targets.  The primary responsibilities of a Lead Risk Analyst are the ideation, design, implementation, and monitoring of credit risk management strategies, models, and capabilities that help us serve the needs of our customers and shareholders.  This includes the development of Product & Process Design, Risk Models, Approve / Decline strategies, Initial Line Assignment, Line Management, Draw Authorization, Collections, and Cross-Sell rules and policies.  Progress will be achieved through Empirical Testing and Analysis, Best-In-Class Risk Assessment Capabilities, and collaborative interaction with our business partners.  Success will be measured on the basis of overall portfolio profitability and risk, strategy-specific KPIs, the robustness, nimbleness, and statistical rigor of successful initiatives, and the holistic contribution to company culture and long-term strategy.



As a Risk Analyst, you will:

  • Work on projects to improve risk strategies, statistical models, and controls across our full suite of products, geographic markets, and stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Perform analytics on small business data to improve risk management strategies, business profitability, and customer experience
  • Implement and review frameworks, policies, and algorithms that enable the efficient processing of credit risk management decisions
  • Develop and review reports to monitor the acquisitions funnel, model performance, and portfolio trends to develop strategic business insight
  • Design tests and experiments to measure and evaluate customer behavior and measure strategic impact
  • Work with Product, Revenue, Finance, and Technology teams to build out new risk management capabilities and refine existing ones
  • Ideate and help launch next-generation lending products and structures that will drive the next round of innovation and disruption within the small business lending ecosystem



Necessary qualifications for success:

  • Undergraduate degree in Economics, Engineering, or Mathematics
  • 1 to 3 years of related experience in a Business Analytics, Finance, Strategy, or Product functional area
  • Excellent business judgment and risk assessment as demonstrated by previous work or academic experience in an analytic role related to economic or business analysis
  • Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills as demonstrated by previous experience in developing creative solutions to business strategy, technological, and operational problems
  • Excellent SQL and analytic programming skills (R, Python, SAS, Excel), willingness to work closely with large data sets and get into the details with business processes
  • Knowledge and experience with statistical concepts and financial analytics (break-even analysis, NPV estimation, downside risk assessment)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Desire to help small businesses by eliminating inefficiencies and excessive costs in the lending business
  • Comfort in a fast-paced business-critical role that is a key contributor to our continued success



About Us: 

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In addition to our great benefits We also offer…

401K Match. Tuition Reimbursement. Paid Parental Leave.  Company Outings. Hackathons. Company Sponsored Sports Teams/Clubs. Discounted Gym Membership. Office Learning & Development Training.


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